Quad-Copter Build No.3 – Maiden Flight

Learning FreeStyle FPV #9 – BUILD #3 – MAIDEN FLIGHT

In pursuit of a smooth and stable flight, I’ve chosen the following components;

  • iFlight XL5 V3 True X Carbon Fiber Frame,
  • AOKFLY RV2205 – 2500KV Motors,
  • GEMFAN 5043 3-Blade Propellers 5 Inch Props (5.0 x 4.3),
  • OMNIBUS F4 Pro V2 Flight Controller – Rcharlance Upgrade (Built-in VTX, DVR, and Flight Controller all in one),
  • BetaFloght 4.0x on stock PIDs and my personal rates,
  • AKK 40A 4 in 1 ESC,
  • VIFLY Finder V2 FPV Drone Buzzer.

Flying this feels like it’s on its way to “Butter” as the cool kids would put it… However, I thought I was experiencing some issues in the video feed. But, it turns out it may be my goggles VRX? Well, I have to sort that out… Also, the video tends to break up more than normal when flying behind trees. This I know could be a transmission power issue. I Need to bump up power outputs. I Hope none of the noise I’m seeing is coming from the flight controller. I chose this FC because of the very low profile of the “iFlight LowRider XL5 V3 True X Frame”. Plus what’s not to love about the idea of combining three devices into one and lowering takeoff weight?…
So, Barring relatively minor video transmission issues. It seems like I have made the right choices. I am very pleased with the overall performance of this build.

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