Missing Component Could Revolutionize Electronics-Trancitor


Another “missing” component could revolutionize electronicsA new theory predicts the existence of an electronic device that works like an inverse transistor. It could make circuits, smaller, faster, and less power hungry.


In this article, we first point out a missing active-device while providing its theoretical
definition and impact on electronics. This type of active devices has an inverse functionality of
transistors, and is suggested to be called trancitor rather than transistor because it directly transfers an
input signal into a voltage output. It is expected that a trancitor coupled with a transistor can provide a
minimal circuit configuration, i.e., low circuit complexity, helping virtually to meet the Moore’s law.
And this may also lead to a lower power-consumption and higher speed of circuits compared to a
transistor-only circuit. These are supported with a circuit simulation and simple Tetris-like block
analysis. In this regards, in the future, it should be required to find a trancitor to be another foundation of
electronics along with transistors.



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