KidStance Custom Toy Cars

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“KidStance, a company that modifies children’s ride-on cars, shows that with some ingenuity and patience, your child can hit the sidewalk in a bespoke car to rival the creations of Liberty Walk. Like Liberty Walk and pretty much every other tuner on earth, KidStance starts off with any standard ride-on car, whether it be a Tesla Model S, McLaren P1 or Lamborghini Aventador, and extensively modifies both its exterior and interior to create something that would instantly make your kid the coolest on the block. The company, created by Denver Pettigew Jr and his wife Vicktoria, is based in Fort Lauderdale and can do pretty much whatever the customer demands as long as they’re willing to pay for the customizations. During an interview with Fatherly, Vicktoria says the average custom ride-on car from the company costs $1,700, but that they have done a tricked-out, old-school Porsche 911 that cost almost $5,000. She says the most popular modifications is lowered suspension and custom wheels, though if the budding young car enthusiast wants more, KidStance can install everything from adjustable air suspension kits to new lights and even Rolls-Royce-inspired suicide doors. ”




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