Google’s Wing Aviation LLC

“From steamships to railroads, from the Pony Express to modern delivery services like FedEx and DHL, advances in how we move goods from place to place have helped reshape the world. But, there’s room for improvement. Whether it’s the parent stuck at home with two sick kids and no dinner, the farmer out in the field with a broken tractor and no tools, or emergency service workers that need medical supplies at the scene of a crisis, current methods of road transportation are not always fast enough to solve the problem at hand. The transportation of goods has also added to the increase of CO2 gases emitted into the atmosphere — in the U.S. alone, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation.

Project Wing is an autonomous delivery drone service aiming to increase access to goods, reduce traffic congestion in cities, and help ease the CO2 emissions attributable to the transportation of goods. Wing is also developing an unmanned traffic management platform that will allow unmanned aircraft to navigate around other drones, manned aircraft, and other obstacles like trees, buildings and power lines.”


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